3BG's company’s core values has been a part of the journey toward achieving Vision, Traction, and Health within the business. These define our culture. In addition, our core values are used in hiring, recognizing, rewarding, celebrating our people.

Zappos is legendary for their customer service mission of “delivering happiness,” but where did this mantra / affinity for customer service come from? Back in the day, Zappos was so broke that they were forced to cut their entire marketing budget and thus had to focus on getting existing customers to buy more shoes and embraced customer service because it was (essentially) free for them to do. We want to try to deliver a similar level of service to both our customers and vendors because more often than not, it’s more about having the right attitude and putting forth the effort than it is any monetary cost from us. Here are two simple examples: If we are having a problem filling an import order with an import product, let’s over deliver and send the customer a premium product instead so the customer gets an order when the expect it. Think about how fast we expect responses from other companies’ customer support – we need to be just as fast (if not faster) responding to emails, phone calls, and voicemails Make the best impression possible when you are on the phone with a customer or vendor (even if it’s a negative situation); these calls are an investment in a relationship and brand. When else will you have someone’s undivided attention to make a positive impression of your company? Service drives virality and repeat business and also increases switching costs (negative costs that a consumer incurs as a result of changing suppliers – this isn’t necessarily measured in dollars and cents). Simply put, we want to make “wow” a verb in your vocabulary.

We want to improve both our performance in our jobs but also improve ourselves personally. These improvements don't have to be dramatic. Think about what it means to improve just 1% per day and build upon that every single day: doing so has a dramatic effect and will make us 37x better, not 365% (3.65x).

Smith running around the office and talking about his soundproof, bullet proof, bomb proof, and tornado proof office are kind of quirky, but they are an integral part of what puts a smile on all of our faces and makes 3BG Supply Co. such a unique place to work. We want the environment at 3BG Supply Co. to always be fun (and a little weird too). Does this mean we have fun all day and don’t work? No - the term that Smith has coined is “funductive” (a mashup of fun and productive). We want you to enjoy the hours you get to spend here (and not dread coming in every day) since studies have shown an increase in productivity by people who enjoy their work environment.

This has pretty much been the rallying cry of 3BG Supply Co. since its inception. We don’t have the million dollar marketing budgets or millions to pump into R&D, so we are forced to try to ‘do more with less’. This mentality has forced us to be creative and often times find better solutions to problems than initially just throwing money at to make them go away. A word of caution: there is a fine line between being cheap and being frugal.

We want all communication to be honest, open, and transparent. This starts with employee to employee communication. There’s no need to lie during a weekly meeting to make it seem like you were productive that day when you weren’t. There’s no need to say, “I’m working on it” regarding a certain task that you’ve forgotten or haven’t started yet. This open communication begins with us talking to one another but also includes how we communicate with our vendors and customers. If we are a day late on an order, be honest with the customer and see what we can do to correct the issue or over deliver on the next order. In an industry that is notorious for a lack of transparency and rampant with dishonest business people, we want to make sure our communication with anyone who comes in contact with someone at 3BG Supply Co. is honest, open, and transparent.

This can sometimes prove to be challenging. Our company wins, plain and simple, but it is important to display humility while winning to avoid looking like a fool. Nobody likes a sore loser, just like nobody likes a sore winner. Your “winning” should never be a challenge, threat, or bragging right. Instead, make your “winning personality” the shining example. Yes, you may have just CRUSHED your sales record or completed a fantastic project that’ll benefit the company for years, but you should not brag about it. You should be recognized for it, but not worshiped. All employees make up the delicate business ecosystem from which all of us derive nutrition. In short, do not kill that ecosystem, for it will prove deleterious to our business.

Haev you eevr notcicde taht yuor brain can sikp ipmotrtant detials? You may read through something, your brain will process it as normal, and you will move on (much like the above sentence... ). It is important to have attention to detail when working in any facet of our business. We feel it prudent to have our employees double check (and even triple check) their work to avoid errors. While we learn from mistakes, we want to really avoid them at all costs.

This inspirational quote was given to us by Steve Jobs. This phrase purposefully uses negative adjectives in a positive way. This is what gives this phrase it's "punch." Taking a word, phrase, or situation and contrasting how it is normally used versus how it is used in a given case is a common rhetorical device. ‘Hungry’ here means "wanting something more", as in "He was hungry for a raise." Jobs is putting forward that being dissatisfied with what you have and wanting more is a good thing. By ‘Stay Foolish’ Jobs is telling us to dare to make an unconventional decision as Steve Jobs did when he quit his college to pursue his quest, as Gandhi did when he adopted satyagraha against oppression